Monday, October 4, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Jack Shitt vs Cruger

Cruger started this round of the cypher claiming that Freddy is his Jack Shitt's actual name and asked him how he got his name when his actual name is James I guess. He claimed that he should call his opposition Mr Slave and seemed to be trying to find names that fit his adversary. He also claimed that at Kid Twist's wedding his opposition would be trying to catch the bouquet and tried to say that maybe he should call his opposition Hollohan's bitch. He also compared his adversary to a Caveman and said that he couldn't hurt a fly. He said he would throw his opposition off of Niagara Falls and his hit the road jack punchline was thorough. Jack Shitt then went into rhyme and called Cruger Nightmare on Elm street. He then compared this match to the movies and said no matter what you could expect his opposition to lose at the the end. He claimed that his adversary was a pedophile. He claimed that his challenger a emcee that was uncreative and that's why he spit about killings and murders. His Psychiatric analysis was ill. Jack Shitt won this round of the match up he just got him too many times to count.

In the second round of this cypher Cruger then went into rap and said Jack Shitt looks like a pussy hiker. He called his adversary a Canadian Dirt Bag Dan and said he should call him Shitt bag Jack. He claimed that his adversary has nerdy voice and said that in his opinion he doesn't win any of his matches. He brought up the fact that he was at King of the Dot and made hair grooming jokes. Jack Shitt then went into rhyme and told Cruger to knock it off with his ridiculous accent. He said that he had no problem with the English and had no problem giving the props but hated what they called French fries. He accused his adversary of measuring weight in stones and accused him of being responsible for the beetles. He even twisted his adversary's name up and called him booger. Jack Shitt won this round of the match by a tad bit more.

In the third round of the cypher Cruger went into the rap clash bringing up Jack Shitt match against FeelGood. He accused his adversary of sounding like a whore in some of his older battles the one against Hollohan and Oz. He accused his adversary of throwing bitch fits. Jack Shitt then went into spit against Cruger and seemed to be contradicting an early statement he made about being ok with people from England giving them props.He said that his opposition was scared to spar with him. He shouted Sensa and Deffinition, then seemed to be calling cool lez out. Jack Shitt won this round of the cypher.

In the fourth round of this match the emcee known as Jack Shitt went in and claimed to share similarities with Cruger but said that his adversary claimed to be a better lyricist. He also called his adversary a comedian and tried to call him ugly. He said that his adversary had match with Illusion Z He told his adversary that he wasn't a botch clone of Charron. Cruger then went into rhyme calling Jack Shitt ugly and tried to describe him be Santa Clause subliminally. He tried to say that the mirror probably breaks when he looks into it and claimed to be in a writers blocks. Cruger won this rround of the lyrical battle in my opinion.

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