Wednesday, October 20, 2010


KENNY started the cypher first claiming that he was gonna continue an ass cooking and claimed that he was continuing an ass whooping. He compared himself to Michael Jordan and accused DENIRO's click of being whack. He even used Conceited's name subliminally in one of his punchlines. He seemed to be implying that he would win without a question and ended bringing up 50 Tyson. DENIRO went into rhyme against KENNY and said he was bugging thinking his camp is fire. His delivery and rhymes seemed to be a little stronger than his opponent. He even seemed to have compared himself to Jet Li and said he would turn his adversary to a good fella. DENIRO won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher KENNY went into rap and admit to DENIRO having a little bit of flow. He claimed that his adversary was gonna make him go back to his Fairfield ways and claimed to be throwing bullets. He described his gun stuttering like it had a speech impediment and said that his adversary was whack. He also implied that he got freaky with his girl. He said he would kill his pregnant girl then run up in his house and hurt his baby mother. He claimed to have his adversary's girl's two lips on his dick. DENIRO then went into rap against KENNY and claimed to stretch money just to pay attention. He tried to say that his opponent would end up like Kenny McKinley and tried to imply that his challenger would never catch a jail case as if he was a goody two shoes.

KENNY then jumped into the rap cypher calling DENIRO Alex and he didn't hesitate to compare his opponent to Aliyah's death. He described how he would shoot his opponent. DENIRO then went into rhyme and tried to compare him and KENNY to the Jackson 5. He accused his opposition of having whack written's and compared them to fitted caps. DENIRO won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

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