Monday, October 4, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: ZM vs LottaZay

LottaZay started the rap cypher subliminally using ZM's name and claimed that he thinks his mother gives him too much quiet time. He claimed that his adversary was on Drect's Youtube page argueing with HighCollide. He accused his opponent of getting ignored by tech nine and then subliminally brought up Passwurdz name in his verse. He told his opposition that he should think long and hard about what he lacks. He even brought up Rone and seemed to be accused him of being his shadow in the past. ZM then smoothly went in against LottaZay started his verse and said he was gonna pretend that he was like them credits at the end he tried to imply that his opposition has no balls. He talked about stabbing the guys brother Lance as well. He showed his lyrical skills in this round of the cypher. LottaZay won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the lyrical battle LottaZay went in and claimed that he hated ZM. He claimed that he caught him with Rone getting it on in his house and claimed that his prior match was a debatable topic. He called his opposition an out of shape square that doesn't fit in circles that lets Drect tangle him up. He claimed to have listened to his oppositions mix tape and claimed to have wanted to kill himself after the first song. He brought up his oppositions battle with Surgeon General and said that he sucks. He accused him and Rone of doing high school musicals. ZM then went into spit against LottaZay and bragged about his guns. He claimed to be nasty and compared himself to fat feet. He called his verses monkey bars and claimed that his opposition and his team was stuck in the Panic Room. LottaZay won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the lyrical clash LottaZay countered ZM's personal attacks talking about the fact that he sings and he advertised his mixtape. He asked his opposition where his dome was at and claimed to be more talented than his opponent. He called his opposition the most whack Grind time rapper alive. He brought up what happened to his opposition on B.E.T. and said his girl was cheating on him with him. ZM then went into rhyme and made a ton of comedic jokes about LottaZay. He told a story about going into his challengers house and disrespecting it. He continued to spit gun references and compared himself to rap snacks. In my opinion ZM won this round of the rap clash.

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