Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Coast Battles: NFact vs. VoKab

NFact started the rap clash first and asked VoKab how he got his name. He started messing up and had a long pause and free-styled the rest of his verse. He made fun of the way the guys head looks and said that he would delete his adversary. He ended his bars cursing at the person behind his opposition. VoKab started his verse trying to call NFact poor and threatened to hit him with a powerful impact. He then ended his rap verse with a farmer joke on his challenger. VoKab won this round based on his rival's slip ups.

In the second round of this hip hop battle NFact then went in against VoKab and said somebody hit him up for the match. He called his opposition the worst rapper from the worst division. He called his opposition an ugly freak and Dr Jeckle midway through transformation. He tried to call his opposition weird and claimed that he would leave him bleeding. VoKab then went into spit and seemed to be trying to accuse NFact of making a mockery. He accused his opposition of robbing Doc Waffles and Yadi Supreme. He even threatened to kidnap the mans chicken and said that he would leave him in a box. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher NFact went in and said that when VoKab does shows he doesn't make it through the courses. He claimed that he didn't there was anyway his opposition could beat him in a battle. He claimed that went through his opponents whole family. VoKab then went into spit tried to accuse NFact of not being use to black people. He said that Missouri was the most cultural place his adversary had been in his life. He claimed that his adversary was a bitch that he shouldn't have wasted time trying to rap against. He brought up a good point about his adversary's name. In my opinion NFact won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

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