Monday, October 11, 2010

KOTD - PR2B8 R2 - Myselph vs Q

Q started the freestyle cypher first and called Myselph Lisa Lesley and a cracked out version of Wayne Gretzky. His lyrical skills during this round were tight but his punchlines weren't hard enough. The emcee known as Myselph then went into freestyle and seemed to be pressing the off button on Q. I think he was a tad bit lesser in this round and his flow was a kind of shaky. This round of the rhyme battle was deffinately won by Q.

In the second round of the freestyle match Q went in and seemed to be claiming that he didn't want to touch Myselph with fear of catching an std. He compared his adversary's shoes to his girls pussy after he sticks his whole hand in it. He claimed not to be conceited and said that he would die when he clashes with him. Myselph then went into the the cypher and claimed that there was no way of beating him. He then made fun of Q's shoes and tried to imply that he gets dressed blind folded

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