Monday, October 11, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Mr Sell vs Johnny Danger

Johnny Danger went into spit and claimed that everybody knew who he was because he tried out for all the top battle tournaments. He claimed to have been on When Animals Attack, Grind Time and Smack. He said that Mr Sell is light as Cesar pizza and he called himself psycho. He reffered to his opposition of being the Gecko from the Geico commercial. He seemed to have forgotten his rhymes and finished early. Mr Sell then went into spit and asked Johnny Danger for challenging him. He tried to call his rival a queer and told him that he would never get a record deal. He tried to accuse his opposition of not being real and claimed to be eating his mother out. Mr Sell won this round of the cypher in my opinion based on consistency.

Johnny Danger then went int rhyme claiming to have been prepared for what Mr Sell had for him and called him a broke ass nigga. He said that touching Google was the only way his opposition was touching a G and subliminally brought up Sucker free Sunday. He said that his opponent was gay and started to mention DNA's name then messed up again. Mr Sell then went into rhyme and said Johnny Danger was ready to receive an anal penetration. He claimed that when he eats whack rappers it goes straight to his gut. He claimed that his adversary wasn't making the cut. He said that his rival was garbage as hell. Mr Sell won this round of the cypher based on consistency as well.

In the third round of the cypher Johnny Danger went into spit again and said he was from the city of Gods. He compared Mr Sell to a character from the Wizard Of Oz and claimed that he freestyles sick. He told his opposition if he dropped an album to make sure it's in the garbage. He claimed to listen to Biggie and Tupac. Mr Sell then went into the cypher and said Johnny Danger thought he was gonna win. He accused his adversary of writing his material as hot as he could and claimed that the judges thought his challenger sucked. He claimed that he took a Karate class even though he wasn't a gangster then said implied leaving with Johnie Cash. He gave his Coney island opponent a welcomed to upstate New York. Mr Sell won this round of the rhyme battle

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