Saturday, October 30, 2010


LANCE went in against SPEE DOLLA into rap first claiming that it was like a movie when he raps because every person he goes up against says the same thing repetitive. He claimed that everybody brings up the fact that he is cross eyed and claimed that he seen him at Apple B's eating Salisbury steak. SPEE DOLLA went in against said he would make it short and sweet then talked down on LANCE's career mentioning Memphis Bleek. He said that his challenger whole life is fairy tale and claimed that HASH 100S killed him. He said that O Red came at his opponents head and accused him of making his city look bad. He subliminally brought up WHEN ANIMALZ ATTACK, Panic Room, The Lionz Den, Smack, and Fight Klub. SPEE DOLLA kind of beat him with stage presense

LANCE then went into rhyme against SPEE DOLLA and claimed that it can be said that he was back on his bull shit. He subliminally brought up Heartless and SHOTGUN SUGE. He claimed that he would do his opponent like a female with a big butt and said he would fold him up. He started to mess up and claimed have been on 106 in park, Grind Time, Fight Klub, and BLOCK CITY. SPEE DOLLA went into spit against LANCE and said he comes through slow when he brings his guns in. He brought up football teams subliminally and insulted his woman right in front of him. He claimed that only one nigga on his challengers team has heart. SPEE DOLLA won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion as well based on presense.

LANCE started this rap cypher first addressing Hash 100's and told him that he wasn't hot and to kick rocks. He claimed that he would choke SPEE DOLLA like baby boy and told him to start rehearsing. He claimed that he would put a tattoo on his oppositions face just like Tyson. SPEE DOLLA went into rap against LANCE and seemed to be implying that his home boy hyped him up. He had a lot of references to basket ball and one to life with no parole. He tried to call his opponents girl to a character from the exorcist. He even brought up Hitman Holla. SPEE DOLLA won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

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