Monday, October 18, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Nocando vs Dizaster (1 week preparation)

Nocando started the rap cypher first and said that Dizaster needed to waj]ke up and realize that life is just like high school. He accused his adversary of being an under achiever that nobody likes and accused him of getting picked on for a minute. He accused him of running with a crew full of bitch ass nigga's and tried to call him soft. He tried to imply that his opponent was manic depressive and went to nursing school but dropped out. He told his opposition that he could be a ghost writer for Flo Rider Dizaster then went in countering what Nocando and said that he sounded like the ghost writer for Fort Myer. he spit like he knew his adversary pretty tight nit and closely. He called himself a terrorist and a middle eastern terrorist. He tried to imply that his challenger used recycled raps from Jump Off. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the Nocando went into rhyme and tried to imply that Dizaster switched up his style quite a few times claiming he went from back packer to jug-aloe to raver to angry gangster. He accused his adversary of looking like a Dragon Ball Z character after he would spit his punchlines back in 2003 and accused him of being delusional He was funny as hell. He claimed to know that his adversary wrote something about Detroit and seemed to be trying to imply that he keeps dick in his mouth. He claimed that his adversary almost got DAYLYT killed for messing with him. He had a quotable line as well. Dizaster then went into spit and accused Nocando of not freestyle rhyming and claimed that he felt like he was battling Soul Khan's black side. This rapper even brought up Fresco and told him congratulations for almost being as black as Phrancyze and compared him to Kid Twist from King Of The Dot. He even subliminally brought up his incomplete match with Arsonal at Massacre of the Bay. He also compared him to one of the knife sticks used in the Rodney King beating. He accused his adversary of moving to the O town because he doesn't get respect in his own home town and even brought up the Method man on the movie Belly. He even brought up what it seemed to be red bull matches. This round was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Nocando went into rhyme and said Dizaster had nothing but Grind Time references. He claimed to have toured around the world and was on assignment for a dieing cancer patient. He accused his adverary of getting raped while dumbfounded just let it happened and said Gin taunted him after. He said that his battles about his own career wile he doesn't really have one. Dizaster then went into the rap cypher and said he was tired of people bringing up his parents then threatened Nocando. He accused his opposition of neglecting his kids. He even brought up the fact that lottazay sings and cursed his opposition and his favorite holiday. He said that he would leave his adversary like an old Run DMC song. He even brought up the fact that he beat Thesaurus and brought up WRC, Rheteric, and Scribble Jam. He then started free-styling at the end and accused him of being the deffinition of what aye verbs perm is. Dizaster won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion with an incredible performance.

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