Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PutUpOrShutUp Presents: Pryme Prolifik vs. Niggety Knux

Niggety Knux started the freestyle battle first and welcomed Pryme Prolifik to New Jersey. He claimed that his opponent had a lot of gimmicks and was thorough for a minute but after awhile he started saying anything. He said that his adversary's bars are hot but inconsistent. Pryme Prolifik then went into spit and called Niggety Knux a fagot that looks like lunch. He said that he wants to battle somebody his own size and to get his adversary some stilts and claimed that he would drop kick him. Pryme Prolifik won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

Niggety Knux then went into rhyme in the second round of this match and called Pryme Prolifik a mean herb. He also proceeded to make fat jokes about his adversary as well and said that his opponent stinks. He claimed to have came from the gutter and started saying anything towards the end. Pryme Prolifik then went into freestyle and claimed that his rival was barely old enough to step in the club. He lyrical skills were kind of thorough. He claimed that he could even beat his adversary with written's as well. Pryme Prolifik won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of this freestyle battle Niggety Knux said that he wasn't trying to get a buzz but was trying to flood the charts and said that he would stomp Pryme Prolifik with a Timberland. He told his adversary to get out of New Brunswick. He was straight when he went off the top. He claimed that his adversary doesn't get money. Pryme Prolifik then went in claiming he would break Niggety Knux's back and cripple his knees. He said that his adversary wasn't a pimp. He went hard at describing how he would beat his oppositions ass. Pryme Prolifik clearly won this round of the freestyle cypher.

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