Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Young Kannon vs Lotta Zay

Young Kannon started the match first and claimed to know that Lotta Zay did his homework on him. He seemed to be excited during his verse. He tried to call his opposition weak and brought the fact that his opponent sings. He claimed to have been a cocky monster since a baby and said that New Jersey drive shit wouldn't work there. Lotta Zay then went into rhyme and said body bag season had begun and claimed that he just got off of Young Kannon's girlfriend. He claimed that his crew runs trains on his adversary's girl and claimed that his right hand would put his adversary to the wall. He told his adversary to keep sleeping because this is his last nap and tried to call him simple with the bars.

In the second round of the rap clash Young Kannon went into the second round of the match claiming that if the audience believed him he had them fooled. He said that he would give Lotta Zay a messed up eye like his brother Lance. He said that his opponent would get his apple jacked and claimed that he would rather bash him with a hockey stick. He said that C4 ain't got anything on him and said he would smack his adversary's girl if she would've spoke through his verses and accused him of being a New Jersey dude that's swagger jacking Philly. Lotta Zay then went into spit in his verse and claimed that Young Kannon he just be sweating and screaming. He called his adversary Martin and claimed to get head from his girl friend. In my opinion Young Kannon won this round of the cypher because you could just feel his rhymes harder.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Young Kannon and claimed that this round was where he put competitors in a box. He implied leaving Lotta Zay by the docks and said hwe would drag his family through states. He claimed that he him self was well knowing and accused his adversary of going to jail and singing. He also told a story about invading his opponents home and claimed to have cooked his son on the stove for beating him in a video game. He said that his adversary was better off going to Brooklyn claiming that he shot the Notorious B.I.G. then think he would win. Lotta Zay then went into rhyme against Young Kannon and cursed at him. He said that he loved Chicago but reps New Jersey and claimed that he has been there with Arsonal. He shouted out Tsu Surf, YOUNG JERZ, O Red, Shotgun Suge, HASH 100S, and Lance. He said that he didn't trust his adversary anymore than he could throw Big T. He subliminally used Genuine and Maxwells name in his verse as well. He even brought up QB. In my opinion Lotta Zay won this round of the cypher by a tad bit more.

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