Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Coast Battles: DJ Pompey vs. Al Hendi

Al Hendi started the rap cypher first and had something to say before DJ Pompey made racist arab jokes about him. He showed his lyrical skills thoroughly and claimed that he didn't have to call him a fagot in order to get his point across. He also made fun of his adversary's fingers as well and accused him of being Shallow Hal. He ended trying to imply that his opposition was a rapist. DJ Pompey then went into spit and said claimed that Al Hendi was over. He did a pretty good imitation of Hindu rock and he claimed that there would be a ton of editing done. His lyrical skills were thorough as well. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Al Hendi claimed that his bars could kill an army solo and tried to imply that DJ Pompey was the Disney character from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. He then tried to imply that he was apart of a stolen culture. He tried to accuse his adversary of messing with fat girls and accused his girl friend of looking like the Grinch. He was kind of funny and claimed that he wouldn't have sex with his oppositions girl. DJ Pompey then went into claim he would let Al Hendi make jokes about his mental health the day they let mud slinger write rhymes for himself. He claimed to be in a tight spot and said he hated his challenger swagger and claimed to be an abstract battler. Al Hendi won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Al Hendi went into rap claiming to be a gift to the earth and called his adversary a nerd comparing him to Final Fantasy Seven. He tried to call his opponent a rapist and claimed to be packing heat with solid schemes. DJ Pompey then went into spit and tried to imply that Al Hendi reads q cards. He tried to imply that his rival wasn't putting Kansas city on the map and had jokes on him making hand gestures. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

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