Friday, October 15, 2010

No Coast Battles: Mr. Xtra vs. Glympse Auto

Glympse Auto started the rap battle first and claimed to have heard Mr. Xtra had a mix tape called confessions of a drug addict. He tried to imply that his opposition was a dumb fagot bitch fake and later on in his verse it became clear that he was freestyle rapping. Mr. Xtra then told Glympse Auto that his free style was descent and accused him of underestimating him. He said that Ness Lee accused opponent of representing Georgia wrong and accused him of looking stupid at Armageddon. He accused his opponent of rapping like Conspiracy. Mr. Xtra won this round of the rap battle based on consistency and punchlines.

Glympse Auto then went in cursing at Mr. Xtra and got on him about his necklace and tattoo's. He told his adversary that he looks and sucks. He really seemed to be shifty and sketchy in this round with his bars and he was very apparently freestyle rapping. He told his opponent that he knew nothing about Grind Time. Mr. Xtra went into rhyme and told Glympse Auto and inquired about the tattoo on his arm. He claimed to be a different species from his challenger and claimed he would put a whole in his middle. He claimed to be laughing at his opposition and not with him. He tried to imply that his adversary was a wannabe and a snitch. He didn't end his verse without telling his rival that he was a fagot. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Glympse Auto then went into tell Mr. Xtra that even if he robs the battle he lost it. He seemed to be trying to accuse his opposition of biting Kid Caustic and accused him of being interested in doing adult videos with children. Based on what he said I reckon his opponents mother is one ugly woman. Mr. Xtra then went into spit and told to Glympse Auto to ask Ness Lee his first name then claimed to have put him on the radio. He claimed to have set the bar high. Glympse Auto won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

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