Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grind Time Now/Street Wars presents: P-ro vs Jee Polo

P-ro started the rap battle first and warned Jee Polo about not listening. He called his opponent's girl stupid and made racial slurs bringing up Hindu Rocks language. He said that his adversary's hood is like The Garden of Eden. He ended his verse making comparisons to The Maury show. Jee Polo then went into rhyme and claimed that P-ro can't afford the watch he had on. He claimed that his rival only wanted to rap against him because he couldn't afford to have him on a feature and admit to being small time. He claimed to have a hit men that he speaks to in foreign languages. He claimed that his adversary was faker than Pro wrestling and claimed that he would have people waiting for him in army fatigues, hanging out of trees. He claimed that his adversary doesn't get respect in the hoods he claims. I dug his skills and charisma then his last line was funny. In my opinion Jee Polo won this round of the match.

In the second round of the rhyme battle P-ro went into spit and tried to imply that his opposition doesn't hold guns. He claimed that his opponent looked like the new Sammy Sosa and compared his home boys to DJ Drama. He compared himself to chimney smoke and claimed that he be screwing his girl. Jee Polo then went in to say that he would take out P-ro easy in this round. He claimed that he spit raps that would have challengers brain messed up and tried to imply that he was a no name nobody. He claimed that his rival just liked to rhyme like was hard over pro tools. He claimed that his opposition was about to be his latest victim and claimed his opposition looks like T.I. mixed with Young Jock. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher P-ro went into the rhyme battle and seemed to be complimenting Jee Polo at first. He made it clear that he spits written's and not freestyles. He then said he would take his time to rob his opponent. He said that he was winning and subliminally used Slum dog millionaire. Jee Polo went into rhyme with a laid back start and accused P-ro of being from candy land. He accuse his rival of not being Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or New York. He claimed that his adversary sounded like a Cassidy knockoff. In my opinion Jee Polo won this round of the cypher based on relevancy and charisma.

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