Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Annisha vs Imah X

Annisha started the rap battle first and claimed to beat up woman like Imah X till there is no one left. He claimed to pull out coroner van and claimed that there adversary doesn't hold weight on her block. Imah X then went in and said that her team is a total package and then claimed to kill beats and put them in a casket. He had a lyrical flow and compared his tracks to a heroin addict. I fucks with this girl's rap flow for real Annisha won this round of the match.

In the second round of the cypher Annisha went against Imah X in and claimed that she didn't know what women were smoking for thinking they could mess with her. She claimed to roll with hood nigga's that are all packing heaters and said that her crew was ready to stomp bitches down. Imah X seemed to be trying to imply that Annisha was on Lady Gaga's dick and told her not to be immature but to take her advice. She called her a Soho hobo and accused her of resembling Nicki Minaj. She was smooth and thorough. Imah X won this round of the match in my opinion.

In the third round of the live event Annisha went into rhyme and asked Imah X how she was gonna open her mouth and talk about her. She brought up the fact that she was on 106 and Park battling and said that she was trying to keep this match from getting physical. She threatened to that she was gonna put her gun in opponents mouth and make her swallow shells. Imah X went into rhyme and said that she was so sick that every other line she coughs up and said Annisha wasn't a threat. She accused her challenger of being a dancer. Imah X won This round of the rap cypher in my opinion.


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