Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Double/Deuce vs Maniphest Destne

Maniphest Destne started the the match first and made i t clear that he didn't come for Double/Deuce and that he simply came to prove that he's the best. He to.ld his adversary that he better watch him and said that his record might be one and four but claimed that Illmaculate ranks the same until he beats Thesaurus. he claimed that no one knew what it was like to be in shoes. He claimed to be the reverse rap man version of Dirt Bag Dan. He claimed that it's rigged when he loses matches. Double/Deuce claimed to have been trying to battle J.Fox and said his guns could send Maniphest Destne into the past and future. You could feel his delivery more. He subliminally brought up the fact that his adversary lost to Knowledge Medina and gave a shot out to Johny Storm. He said that they were both from Ohio but claimed to be on the upper level and subliminally use Eminem's real name Marshal Mathers. Double/Deuce won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Maniphest Destne went into spit and claimed that his execution was flawless. He claimed to have the best underground album in all of Grind Time and said that he would smack Double/Deuce in the face for trying to tell him that his mix tape isn't hot. He then showed how lyrical he could get. He brought up the fact that his opponent openly gives out his phone number 419-810-8212 and said that the gimmick was lousy. Double/Deuce then went into the match and said Maniphest Destne was sick and almost had took him out his zone. He called his challengers verse a commercial break and claimed that he would teach them a recipe. He then started to mess up with a long pause after he made a comment about his adversary's girl. He said a quotable. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie.

Maniphest Destne then went into rhyme and said that he had a question that maybe Double/Deuce could answer for him. His lyrical skills were thorough and he claimed that battling is whack and called the judges bad since half of them don't rap. He accused his challenger of riding his own coast's dick and said he wanted answers. He said that he used 13 multi syllables and claimed that none of them were false. Double/Deuce went into rhyme next and claimed to have punched Maniphest Destne up in the air then slammed him. He said that his adversary was a fake 24/7 and ended implying how he would slice him literally. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion as well.


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