Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: B.C vs Trey Murch

B.C went into the rap cypher and said that he didn't have to go dig up a whole bunch of facts to expoase Trey Murch and claimed that nobody knows him. He claimed that his adversary probably never even heard a gun and claimed that he would set his whole house on fire. He claimed that he was on his job and said he would make his oppositions girl give him head. Trey Murch then went into rhyme and claimed to be the best out of Texas. He told B.C to ask his lady if he didn't believe him and claimed that his verses ain't free. He claimed that no one from New Orleans would be slaying him. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

B.C went into say that Trey Murch had nice jokes even though nobody was smiling and said that he couldn't beat him with Neo and Zion. He claimed that Grind Time was his and claimed to have a list of goons his cell phone that shoot then claimed that one call would get his opponent shot. Trey Murch went into say that the 60 minute rounds was B.C's advantage and that he was lucking up. He claimed that it lessens his chance of fucking up and claimed to be strapped. He claimed that if his adversary messes with him then the tools would be popping. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion as well.

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