Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Coast Battles: Azrael vs. Mr. Biscuit

Azrael started the cypher first and tried to accuse Mr. Biscuit of recycling garbage rhymes and accused him of sharing lipstick with people. He claimed that his adversary's girl claims that she doesn't give him any because he goes limp and claimed to feel sorry about him splitting with his girlfriend. He finished his verse trying to call his opposition a biscuit in gravy. Mr. Biscuit then went into rhyme and claimed that Azrael was about to get smashed real bad. He then made also taunted his challenger with Islamic voice and had many different foreign jokes. He had a quotable as well. Mr. Biscuit won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash Azrael then went into rhyme and claimed that it was no use giving Mr. Biscuit a head start because even with it he wasn't ahead of him. He said that he felt sorry because Labor day probably left some traumatizing memories and tried to make jokes on his ears and head. It seemed like he spit off the top for his ending but he meshed it together pretty smooth. Mr. Biscuit then went into spit and claimed that Azrael didn't have the Spanish accent like others would expect. He claimed that his challenger needed a bath and then proceeded to explain to him that Hip Hop wasn't paying him. He claimed that he could think of miscellaneous ways of making his challenger money and asked him who cares about his lip piercing. He also proceeded to make height jokes as well. Mr. Biscuit won this round of freestyle battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the street battle Azrael went into spit and claimed that his height helps him land punches. He then went on to call Mr. Biscuit a snitch and made good reference punchline to the Muppet's I was feeling it. He seemed to be messing up towards the end of his verse but he still held it down. Mr. Biscuit then went into spit and said he didn't understand why Azrael was getting pissed and yelling at him. He tried to accuse his challenger of not knowing how to articulate his rhymes. He said that he was here to make his opponent a laughing stock. He ended with a racist metaphor.


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