Thursday, October 21, 2010

BrokenPen Vs. Tipz.

BrokenPen started off the rap battle claiming to be a nerd from the suburbs and claimed that he wasn't playing with Tipz. He claimed to have anger issues and compared his opponent to nibbles. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and he was funny as fuck. He subliminally brought up When Animalz Attack and made jokes about his mother. Tipz. went into this rap battle trying to call BrokenPen a sweet ass nigga and claimed that he wasn't the only one that thought of his opponent as bitch. He said that his adversary was an Angel going against a demon and tried to imply that his challenger was a drag queen at night. He claimed to have had mad fights and tried to imply that his opposition was a geek. This round was a tie in my opinion.

BrokenPen then went into rhyme against Tipz. and said he was willing to scrap and get cheese but threatened to leave him like Pimp C. He claimed to be an underground king and claimed to be from Mont Claire. He claimed that he would hit his adversary with no slim option and made a reference to the female that Lance supposedly brought in. Tipz. then went into rhyme against BrokenPen and began to imply that BrokenPen is a nerd once more calling him Screech, Steve Urkel, Carlton Banks. He claimed to be from a city that was buck wild. He seemed to be free-styling and violating a bit. Tipz. won his round of the cypher.

In the third round of the rhyme battle BrokenPen went into rhyme claiming that he got kicked in the face and claimed to be more pretty than Tipz. even with a broken nose and stitches. He told his opposition that he wasn't a pretty goon and tried to mock him. He had one quotable. Tipz. then went into rhyme and said his crew stays on the attack and strapped up. He claimed that dudes in BrokenPen hood know about him. He claimed that his challenger had never been a G and asked him who he thought he was fooling. This round was too funny. BrokenPen won this round of the match.

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