Sunday, October 31, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Salar Vs Ruffstylz

Ruffstylz went into spit claiming that after his last match winning wasn't good enough and implied that if they heard Salar freestyle they'd be listening to a sleeping crowd. His delivery was pretty lyrical and he had a minor interruption from the crowd. Salar cursed at the battle and admitted to not coming prepared for Ruffstylz and said that he had his rhymes written down and didn't care. He literally seemed to have been forgetting his lines and had to look in a sheet of paper. He tried to say that his challenger didn't make any sense when he rhymed. Ruffstylz obviously won this round of the match.

Ruffstylz went into the competition implying that Salar reading his lines in the middle of his battle was the worst thing he had ever seen. He claimed to DJ, produce, and eat pussy well. He claimed that his adversary's number one problem was acting cool. Salar then went into rhyme and claimed that he would strangle Ruffstylz. He then had to refer to his written's again and was messing up bad. He said that he would leave his opponent smack down and hit. Ruffstylz clearly won this round of the match.

In the third and last round of the competition Ruffstylz went into the cypher against Salar and insisted that there was a problem with Salar's voice. He ended his verse claiming that his opposition wasn't a god to him. Salar then went into rhyme against Ruffstylz and said he couldn't stand him acting clever. He then had to refer to his written's again. He tried to imply that his challenger messes up good songs. Ruffstylz won this round of the live match in my opinion.

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