Tuesday, October 5, 2010


NAUL started the rap cypher first and talked junk about Mike Flamez calling him a big bitch then implied that Deacon Frost must've been related to him then accused him of not hanging in the inner city of Toledo. He then started to rhyme against D-CARDI and called him a bitch. he claimed that he was battling a Ricky Martin look a like. He claimed that his adversary called him out and proceeded tp brag about his guns. His lyrical skills were kind of ill. He had a ton of jokes about his oppositions clothes. D-CARDI went into spit anxiously claiming that NAUL has no heart and claimed that he would take his life the day after. He accused his challenger of getting a nervous chill and spit about giving him a beat down. He called his opposition a dick head and said that if he springs forward he would fall back. He claimed that he guaranteed Smack would call him back and talked crap about Mike Flamez and Deacon Frost. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

NAUL started round two of this cypher making a mockery of D-CARDI and claimed that he raps about swagger switching lanes and things of that nature. He told his adversary that nobody believes what he has to say and said that he would call him a pussy. He said that he was gonna make his adversary bleed and he gave up early in the game and claimed that he had messed up. D-CARDI then went into spit with a clap and claimed that someone wanted him to rhyme against Philly Swain and he seemed to have called Gillie Da Kid a lame. He called his challenger fat and called him ugly. He also made it his business to get on his oppositions girl as well and said that the man sucks as a rapper. D-CARDI won this round of the cypher in my opinion.




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