Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guerrilla Warfare:Skitzo vs Shinobi

Shinobi started the rap cypher first with his horror core style of spitting and said that he likes pain. He claimed to be the real Skitzo while his opponent is a drug addict. He said that the match wasn't really a rap battle and was an intervention. He then started to elaborate about slapping his adversary's girl into a body cast. Skitzo then went into rhyme and said made ninja jokes in an attempt to mock Shinobi. He claimed to be eating with winners and told him if he was feeling like a frog then he should leap. He claimed to have a dark soul. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Shinobi then went into spit against Skitzo and claimed to be mean indeed. he claimed to be an anorexic Hannibal. He called his adversary a salad and said that he would eat him but said that he was empty calorie fat. He called his adversary a whack talentless hack and said he'd give collateral damage to those who stand to close. Skitzo then went in to rhyme against Shinobi and had hard bars that you could feel. He claimed that he would teach kids how to shoot guns and do drive byes. He accused his opponent of resting his head where good samaritans be. Skitzo won this round of the match in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Shinobi went into rhyme and said two fists would leave Skitzo's tooth cracked. He accused his opposition of stumbeling around like a bum and asking where his bottle of liquor was at. He even implied slicing the man with a machete. Skitzo then sadistically went into the rap battle and told a story about how he assassinating Shinobi. In my opinion this round of the cypher was won by Shinobi.

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