Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Cadalack Ron vs Moodswangz

Moodswangz started the rap cypher first and claiming to had beat Sahtyre and K.P.. He claimed not to be ducking California emcees because he makes them come to him. He claimed that when Kap Kallous asked him to battle Cadalack Ron he offered a G and told him to keep the money. He threatened to hang him like a pinnate and beat him. He called his opposition a closet homo as well and he had a quotable about Cadillacs. He was sounding good until he messed up. Cadalack Ron then went into spit and said that Moodswangz talks a lot of crap on the internet. He tried to call his opposition a punk and tried to accuse his hands of being too fat to pull a trigger. He asked his opposition if how he dissed the Crips and had a quotable as well and called him foolish. He said that his adverdsary was from a town called Crystal Lake and called him make believe. He called his challenger a hype man and claimed to have seen his Myspace pictures. He claimed that his opponent wasn't from the Chicago city scape. Cadalack Ron won this round of the rhyme battle without a doubt.

In the second round of the rap cypher Moodswangz then went into spit and seemed to telling a story that included Cadalack Ron playing with dragon's in his basement. He said that his opponent shouldn't play tough and should play the part of comedian. He tried to accuse his adversary's father of being Boy George from the Culture Club. He tried to imply that the cops would take his opposition away before they take him away and accused him of meeting the love of his life in jail. Cadalack Ron started this round of the rap cypher countering Moodswangz punchline Boy George. He seemed to be freestyle spitting his bars. He told his opposition that he wasn't a boss or don and claimed he would show his opponent how to write a real gangster verse then he showed off what he preached. He subliminally brought up The Real Deal aka Trevor. He accused his opposition of trying to impress his friends by bringing them to Scribble Jam. He then ended his verse by showing a picture of his opponent. Cadalack Ron won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap clash Moodswangz then went into spit against Cadalack Ron in this long round and claimed that his opposition looks like Kid Rock but acts like Kid Frost. He had some more quotable rhymes in this round of the match. he didn't hesitate to brag about his guns as well. His closing statement was to thorough. Cadalack Ron then went into rhyme and continued to call Moodswangz fake. He brought up his opponent mix tape name serial killer and said he would send him back to Sonny Bamboo. He claimed that he really did jail time and seemed to be calling his opposition giraffe nuts and seemed to have claimed that Sahtyre punched him in the face. He called his challenger the white version of Arsenal and referenced Okwerdz and T rex's rap battle. He said that he wouldn't shake his oppositions hand after. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Broken Beats Definitive Drum LIbrary from Loopmasters

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