Saturday, October 2, 2010


BUDDY started the rhyme battle against FLI FETTI and said claiming that he had told HaHzy Ru that he was ready for round three and claimed to hit the club and bring haters to a knee. He accused his oppositions girl of kissing his penis and accused his adversary of not being able to wrap. He then ended his verse spitting a verse off the top of the dome. FLI FETTI then went into rhyme against BUDDY and spoke about how HaHzy Ru told him who he was gonna rap against. He tried to be calling his opposition a clown. He claimed that after the cypher he would wait until the night fall. He said that he would make his adversary drown in blood and this round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the match BUDDY then went into accusing FLI FETTI of doing Gospel music and threatened to hurt him. He told Lee Hustle to suck his dick and I couldn't tell if he said he had 500 dollars to W.I.C. or to win. He was good at freestyle rapping. FLI FETTI then went into spit and called BUDDY a mutt that's talking live because his dogs are with him. He said that he would play Saw with his opposition. He messed up then went accused his challenger of feeling dumb. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion because he had too many quotable punchlines.

In the third round of the round of the rap cypher BUDDY went into rhyme and said he would smack FLI FETTI then asked him what he was gonna get his man for. He claimed to have Matrix bullets and claimed to have an Usher swag. He claimed that they could take it outside and that he didn't wanna battle. He said told his opponent that if he didn't wanna fight on BLOCK CITY TV he would fight on UFC. He was truly going sick. He compared his adversary to the son of Sam and said that he never seen him before. FLI FETTI then went into rhyme and made fun of the guns that BUDDY he was going in and claimed that he was a monster. It seemed like he would've won but he started messing up towards the end of his verse. In my opinion BUDDY won this round of the match.

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