Sunday, October 10, 2010


TROUBLE MAN started the match first and claimed to have had enough with rap thugs and said that he would smack GREATNESS. He claimed that he would treat his adversary's dreams like a telephone call and claimed to get down with his chick. GREATNESS then went into rhyme and claimed that he would destroy TROUBLE MAN and said he nick named his girl Al Snow. He called his adversary a bitch and said that he doesn't have to touch his girl to turn her on. He then spit about he would beat his challengers ass. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion since they both shined in different areas with there skills.

In the second round of the cypher TROUBLE MAN then went into spit trying to imply that GREATNESS is an unknown nobody and tried to call him a punk. He asked if this was amateur night and said that he would kill his adversary on camera. He ended by comparing his adversary to his girl friends head. GREATNESS then went into spit and brought to the attention that it was round two. He claimed that he would hit beat TROUBLE MAN with a frying pan if worse came to worse. He claimed to smack nigga's for no reason. He then ran out of things to say. TROUBLE MAN won this round of the match up.

In the third round of the tournament TROUBLE MAN went into rhyme trying to accuse GREATNESS of not being tough and compared him to cotton balls. He said that he use to be LL Cool J and that eye shadow line he said as thorough. GREATNESS then went into spit saying lets get straight to the point and made comparisons to a white female in the cold. He compared TROUBLE MAN to sports center at night and then seemed to have forgotten his written's, taking a long pause. He had a quotable punch line about laying hands and feet on his challenger.

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