Saturday, October 16, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Spook One vs Pete

Pete went in to the battle trying to imply that Spook One wasn't real and accused him driving around the hood free styling. He claimed that he rather listen to Nickel back then to his opposition. Spook One then went in and said that he has been listening to hip hop his whole life. He implied that his challenger shouldn't hold microphones and claimed to be a Heavy weight. He subliminally brought up music and artist's like Red Man, Jay-z Dead presidents, and Ghetto boys minds playing tricks on me. In my opinion Spook One won the first round of the rap clash.

Pete then went into the second round of the cypher and said to Spook One either he was cooking up meth and can't get the recipe right. He seemed to have messed up and stumbling. He then jumped back in and started rhyming but obviously for got his lines. Spook One then went into claim Pete sucks cock and made fun of his waist. He claimed that the only Pete he respected was the champion of the whole league. He ended his verse cursing at his adversary. Spook One won this round of the match in my opinion

Pete then went into spit and implied pretending he listened to a Spook One track. He then choked again and said implied castrating himself the next time he has to listen to a his oppositions music. He soon started messing up on his rhymes and flopping. Spook One then went into rhyme and reminded everyone that this was King Of The Dot. He said that this was an English battle league and made fun of his opposition for speaking Spanish. He asked if the crowd seen his last battle trying to crack a joke on his opposition. Spook One surely won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

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  1. -Spook One: "he ain't a rapper that brings hype to the streets, he barely brings hype to the beat / I'll put him on death row, all eyes on Pete"

    (A reference to 2Pac's album "All Eyez on Me" released by Death Row records)

    -Spook One: "Pete, you don't rock, if you hit the stage you ain't gettin' payed / It's cuz you ain't cool, g - I'll squash your juice crew to lemonade!"

    (Starts off with a reference to Pete Rock, and ends with a reference to Kool G Rap & The Juice Crew)

    -Spook One: "I'm a heavyweight, one jab will have him shakin' / When I smack his face in, he'll blackout like a Meth and Red collaboration"

    (A reference to the album "Blackout" by Method Man & Redman)

    -Spook One: "When he talks about the Artifacts, it's ancient Mayan artifacts / He don't respect the art of rap, he's into pottery and arts & crafts"

    (A reference to the group Artifacts)

    -Spook One: "When I listen to CNN, I be bumpin the War Report / Wen he listens to CNN, it's for the latest war reports"

    (A reference to Capone-n-Noreaga aka CNN's album the War Report)

    -Spook One: "When I mention that Ghostface album that's classic / he thinks I'm talkin' bout the movie or the song by Black Sabbath"

    (A reference to Ghostface Killah's album "Ironman" as well as the movie Ironman and the hit single "Ironman" by Black Sabbath)

    -Spook One: "A Hip Hop head is something he's never been, and I got the evidence / He can't name a single Jigga track, but knows every dead president"

    (A reference to Jay-Z's song "Dead Presidents")

    -Spook One: "Fuck it, I flipped the script on you / You don't roll with ghetto boys, your mind's playin tricks on you"

    (A reference to the Geto Boys song "Mind Playin Tricks On Me")


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