Sunday, October 24, 2010

Battle Rappers Cant Make Songs:Lix VS Chemical Ali

Lix started the rhyme battle first and addressed everyone who came to see the match with a apology. He tried to compare this match to May-weather and Moseley. He claimed that Chemical Ali couldn't beat him even with performance enhancing drugs and claimed Diggz set up the match then said he would've have doubled his investment if he put up cash. Chemical Ali then anxiously went into rhyme and accused Lix of losing money to MAYBACH in a match. He claimed to be messing with his adversary's grandmother and said that he could dip after he runs in his mothers pussy. He accused him of having Justin Bieber hair and accused his girl of trying to have sex with him, C4, Diggz, and Red Freck. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Lix went into the lyrical clash and accused Chemical Ali of reminding him of a worker at the bank. He compared his opponent to Rupaul and Carlton Banks. He claimed that his rival took his name after a terrorist and implied slapping his jaw. Chemical Ali went into the cypher and asked if he was supposed to believe that Lix was some type of thug. He accused his adversary of acting like he's in Jersey Shore and called his little sister Jenna Jameson. He accused his adversary of having a Buzz Light year swagand claimed that he would hit him with gamma rays. He claimed to be calm and accused him of losing a battle to Ice Grill then told him to do a song with 12 gauge. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Lix went into rhyme and said for someone to do the crowd a favor. He warned Chemical Ali that there would be repercussion's. He claimed to have came to his oppositions hood and said that he was rapping since Biggie Smalls and also brought up Big L and C N N. Chemical Ali then went into spit and tried to imply that Lix wants to be black. He said that he would catch his grandmother and claimed to run with a wolf pack. He even made references to Lethal, Gladiator, Lee Hustle, and Okwerdz. Chemical Ali won this round of the lyrical cypher in my opinion

In the fourth round of the match Chemical Ali went into imply that Lix showed him that he knew how to lose. He also was insisted the he would put his rival in wrestling moves and accused him of being a fagot. He seemed to be freestyle rhyming. He claimed that he didn't have more wins because people kept on ducking him. Lix then went into rhyme against Chemical Ali and said he spit for all of his people in the struggle. He said that he keeps his doors open and no one was robbing him. He ended his verse claiming to have killed his opponent. Lix won this round in my opinion.

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