Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Texas Battle League: Outspoken Vs. Gene Steele

Gene Steele went into this rap battle first mocking Outspoken and implied his opponent choking and forgetting his verse. He also made fun of his adversary's size and shape then accused his opponent of not getting girls. He tried to call his opposition a punk and his ending was funny. Outspoken then anxiously went into the rhyme battle introducing Gene Steele and implied knocking him out. His performance was very energetic and interesting to watch. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Gene Steele then went into spit with a ton of name calling and insults. He told Outspoken to go home and watch his kids and accused him of working in the rest stop. He tried to call his opponents music lame and threatened to knock him out. Outspoken then went into rhyme and tried to imply that it took 2 retards to make Gene Steele. He tried to imply that he was helping his opponent get his credibility up and told him that he should be thankful. He claimed to think that his challenger was a little out of his league stepping to him. Outspoken clearly won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

Gene Steele went into the rap battle and said he would call Outspoken a man when he starts acting like one. He called his adversary a hip hop nerd and threatened to hurt him towards the end. Outspoken then went into rhyme and compared his swagger to a scooter. He tried to imply that there was no use of people tring to use his name in disposition and gave an example. He said that his adversary was a homo that needed to practice and lyrically described how his opponent smelled. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.


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