Thursday, October 28, 2010


CORTEZ went into rhyme and said when he looks at MARV-WON he see's a waste and mocked how fat he is. He accused his opponent of gargling with Pepsi and said when he looked at him he reminded him of Grind Time. He brought up Okwerdz, Dizaster, and Passwurdz. He called his adversary a bakery boy and claimed that Smack payed him to be there. MARV-WON in to the match claiming to be where he belongs and claimed to be in the Jay'z mood. He claimed to be there to give his opponent an ass whooping and tried to make fun of his image. He claimed to be a different shade from his opposition and threatened him to move his people through. He accused his opponent of losing battles that he actually wins. This round of the match was a tie.

In the second round of the rap battle CORTEZ went into spit and broke down MARV-WON's name. He claimed that if he through his adversary in a Coogi sweater and brought up 8 mile deleted scenes. He claimed to serve hot peppers that would bake his oppositions lettuce and tried to call him a black hole that ate a planet. He called his adversary a Rick Ross Wannabe who ate Big Meech and Larry Hoover. He switched up and spoke about more serious stuff. He even used lush one subliminally in his bars. MARV-WON went into rhyme against CORTEZ and claimed that battling was a soap opera. He even called out somebody from the crowd and said that he was too scared to go up on the stage. He claimed that he would make an example out of Cortez and claimed to be a king. He claimed that it was time for him to show his African pride and subliminally brought up DeastroDollar's name. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap clash CORTEZ went into spit and admit to working at the Air Port. He claimed to put in work inside his mommas mouth and brought up Aye Verb and Iron Solomon. He called his opposition gay and asked him if Smack, Drect, Norbs or Beasley put him up to the battle. He also called his opponent E Ness and accused him of living at his grandmothers house. MARV-WON went into spit and claimed to be going through a lot of stuff such as burying his aunt. He tried to call his opponent a crew hopper and brought up Swave Sevah and Team Homi, DOA and QP, then PH, Sara Kana and Grind Time. He claimed that Poison Pen should split his challenger yolk and NYB. He tried to call his opponent average and tried to call him light weight then asked for Goodz. MARV-WON won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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