Saturday, September 4, 2010

Texas Battle League: Macheti Mike vs. Chaseboy

Chaseboy started the cypher first saying that Macheti Mike would start a cult just to drink Kool Aid and claimed that the battle was way too easy. He said that his opponent invited his mother over to cook him something and told him he would never win at any sport. Macheti Mike said that Chaseboy was about to find out that his rhymes were Illmaculate. He said that he had something to give to his challenger that he got from gutter boy. He said that his opposition gets his ass handed to him. Chaseboy won this round of the cypher but he had the most quotable punchline of this round.

In the second round of this rap cypher Chaseboy calling Macheti Mike out of his name and told his opponent that he had no idea what he was talking about. He said that he could burp in his oppositions face and he'd trt to get a taste of it and accused him of getting stabbed by his sister and said he couldn't beat him in anyway. He said thathis opposition had a picture of his mother on his shirt. Macheti Mike then went into rhyme claiming that Chaseboy was shook of him and called him the white version of ashy Larry. He told him to go home and put on lotion and claaimed he was taking a stab at him he was a very tad bit poor in the smoothness of some of the things he said so I would assume that he freestyle spit most of this verse but he did a good job. Chaseboy won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the match up Chaseboy started rhyming with an explosive blast off screaming for someone to get Macheti Mike a crack sandwich. He tried to call his opposition a crack head and compared him to Larry Bird. He called his adversary is a pussy. Macheti Mike said for someone to tell Chaseboy to stop and doing pop music and start rapping. He accused his adversary practicing besteality and he claimed to have done acid in this rap cypher. Macheti Mike won this round of the rhyme clash.

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