Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Draft Presents Billings Vs UnoLavoe

Billings started the battle off and seemed to be freestyle spitting and said his girl was wearing the same type of necklace UnoLavoe was wearing. He brought up a few times that his lines were not rehearsed and i believe him, his rhymes didn't have much structure to them. He said he would slam him like Onyx and he got lyrical and claimed to spit knowledge. UnoLavoe then went in to spit improvised and seemed to be trying to correct Billings on the way he pronounces words. He claimed to want change and accused him of dick riding said said his opposition is a slum dog. UnoLavoe won this round of the freestyle clash without a doubt.

In the second round of the freestyle cypher Billings went into rhyme and asked for Ness Lee then said it was crunch time. His delivery seemed to be a tad bit harder as he acclaimed that UnoLavoe tries to be hard but fails. He told his opposition to pop some blue diamonds and threatened to kill his brother. He claimed to get money and said that he doesn't feel what his adversary was spitting. he asked him how his opposition was a gangster. UnoLavoe then went in against Billings and said listen I ain't new to this. He threatened to turn his guts into Tuna fish. He made homo jokes about his opposition and said that he moves about a pound a day. He then told everybody that his verse wasn't improvised but i already knew what the deal was because it sounded rehearsed. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Billings went into spit and told everyone to listen and claimed to have 20 inch rims on his taxi. He said that UnoLavoe rivals girlfriend calls him daddy and called his opposition mad that he's on his Indian flute. He called his adversary a Guess commercial actor. UnoLavoe went in and said he'd crack Billings back and cursed at him and his oppositions crew. He claimed that everybody despites his adversary and nobody likes him. He compared him to Mike Tyson at a fight and said that he tries to bite.

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