Saturday, September 4, 2010

Texas Battle League: Core vs Throwed Ese

Core started this round of the rhyme battle first and said he was told that his next opponent actually won his last match and made it seem like he couldn't believe he was battling Throwed Ese. He called his opposition a possum rat that lost to someone unworthy and tried to imply that it sounds horrible when his opponent raps and called him a pip squeak that speaks like a lady. He called himself a true MC and said that his opponent looks sick. Throwed Ese then went into spit and called Core a bum ass whack rapper with no budget. He claimed that when he steps rhymes in a competition he tries to make his opponent suffer. He claimed to have the rap cypher in a bag before they even mentioned his rival. He called him a KiD CuDi fan and called his adversary a waste breath. He claimed to have left a nut stain on his oppositions girl. This round of the hip hop battle was a tie in my opinion since they both had good points.

In the second round of the rhyme cypher Core went into the second round of the lyrical battle claiming to feel bad for questioning his aspirations. He claimed that Throwed Ese career choice that he's making is a bad one and said that he wouldn't get played on any rapping station. He accused his adversary of not having an education and told him that there wasn't a job for masturbation. He tried to imply that he was the real rapper that his opposition knew he would have to eventually face. He called his opposition a stick figure. Throwed Ese then went into the second round of the cypher and called his style despicable. He said that hat Core just did was pitiful and said he meant it then used a big word that sounded made up. He said that to compare him to his challenger the guy would need a miracle. He finished his verse calling time on him self. This round of this extremely close match up was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this competition Core went right into this rap cypher and said that he brakes microphones while Throwed Ese takes pipe. He asked his adversary if he seen him at the flea market selling faked Nike's and shaved ice. He claimed to have wanted to play nice and accused his opponents voice of cracking from stage fright. He said that when he smells fear he hunts for blood like a great white and and claimed that his skill were better. He said that never ever would his opposition win a match or a fight. He claimed that his adversary has no green but has a lot of wishes. Throwed Ese went into the cypher claiming that while he's still in the league that there is no way that he'd let a bum like Core get in the lead. He said that he couldn't taste defeat if he was in the sole of his challengers feet. He claimed that real niggas know him and claimed to be the soul of the streets. He tried to imply that he was up against a drug addict. He compared his opponent to his dad and mother. Throwed Ese won this round of the rap clash.

In the fourth round of the rhyme battle Core went in to rhyme and apparently was freestyle spitting. He said that he likes Throwed Ese and told him to tell his mother not to bite so hard. He had a racial reference or two as well. he claimed to have the hot touch and seemed to be trying to imply that his adversary didn't even go through puberty yet. he asked his opposition if he can stand all the heat at the end of his verse. Throwed Ese said at the start of him spitting that it was Okwerdz to him that Core showed up with a lack of Arsonal. He said he always had keys to the game. He smoothly used Hollow Da Don, Aye verb, Conceited, Goodz, Hit Man Holla, DNA, and said he wasn't half of T Rex. Throwed Ese won this round in my opinion with this last verse that was surely written and rehearsed a good amount of times.

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