Saturday, September 4, 2010

Texas Battle League: Dubb Sicks vs. Chaseboy

Chaseboy started this rap clash first and claiming that if Dubb Sicks were to lose the match it would be no big deal. He claimed that his rival was a racist and accused him following Franchise around in the past. He said hat he use to be his promoter that use to beat him in one on one matches. Dubb Sicks then went in and called Chaseboy a frat boy going through his rap stage. He claimed to push blow and pack heaters. He called his adversary an older version of Justin Bieber with jungle fever and his challenger was a cheap guy who couldn't afford real liquor or Jewelry. Dubb Sicks won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap tournament Chaseboy seemed to be ruling out Dubb Sicks as being a homo and claimed that his father use to chase him around the house. He claimed that he was gonna put his opposition on blast and said that there was no reason why he should be messing with nice chicks since he can't. He compared himself to Jurassic 5 and asked him about self defense classes. He claimed that his rival went around with Cadalack Ron randomly battling people and was getting his ass kicked. Dubb Sicks then went in to rhyme and said he hold down. He claimed that Chaseboy called his black friends ninja and accused him of being a pedophile so much to the point that he purchased an ice cream truck. He accused his challenger of working manual labor an writing music about living a drug dealer lifestyle. He compared his oppositions music to the houses on hoarders. Dubb Sicks won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap cypher Chaseboy called Dubb Sicks a racist and claimed that his adversary belongs with Japanese Jesus. He said that his adversary would look cleaner with afro puff. Dubb Sicks went into this round of the rhyme battle and accusing Chaseboy of doing interracial gang bangs to become pregnant with. He said that his challenger was scarred from that and said that his opponent's particularly likes unicorns. He accused he was screwing with his adversary's girl and of messing with some girls sloppy seconds. Dubb Sicks won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

Get YO GRILLZ on! Many styles to choose from!

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