Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rap Battle TV - TINO vs. ECLIPSE (((TITLE MATCH)))

TINO started the lyrical battle asking if he already went up against his ECLIPSE and his idea of playing ball is to bend over then scream Dexter dunk. He claimed to be pumping weed and tried to accused his opponent of being a pussy. He claime that hs upper cuts would punch him up Clifton hill. He called himself a comet then seemed to be saying that he'd make a promise and said that no one cared who is opposition is and asked him if he planned on being a super star. ECLIPSE then went into rhyme claiming to be on the microphone and claimed to be messing with TINO's girl. He claimed to spit hot fire and said that his vocal is scorching. He had thorough metaphors and ended his verse claiming he'd put his adversary in a box.

TINO then went in and said that ECLIPSE claims to have a hot girl but he tried to imply that the girl has a nasty smelling pussy. He said that his opponent wasn't a hustler and couldn't deal a deck of cards. He said that he's shooting like a firing range and he said that his adversary doesn't have a jam. ECLIPSE then went into the lyrical cypher against TINO and said that he can't rhyme with him. He made the comparison of Puff Daddy battling Cassidy and had a quick pause then tried to say his opposition is going down low. He said that his rival couldn't rap with him and compared it to Puff Daddy battling Cassidy. ECLIPSE had the best punchline but TINO won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the cypher TINO went up to spit and told ECLIPSE and said that he chokes on his rhymes. He then asked his opposition how it feels to get sunned by a young-yin that's only 23. He said that he was messing with guy girl as well and seemed to have accused him of having writers block. ECLIPSE then went in and threatened to put said that he would put TINO in an episode of C.S.I. Saint Catherine's. He said that he would beat his opposition with rights until he begs for a left. In my opinion this round of the lyrical dispute was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of this cypher ECLIPSE went into rhyme and said that he was sick with the fever and made fun of the way TINO looked. He then called his opponent a laughing stock and accused him of jacking off to Nicki Minaj. He claimed to be a big fish in a small pond and accused his challenger of shopping at Walmart while his opposition is copping Sean John. TINO then went into rhyme and tried to imply that ECLIPSE doesn't get laid. He even tried to say that he rides for the game and claimed that it would go down like a scuba diver. He called him a stupid guy. He called his opposition a dumb ass. TINO won this round of the lyrical cypher

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