Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rap Battle TV - J Rukus vs. Memo (Freestyle Battle)

J Rukus started the freestyle battle first and tried to imply that his Memo's wife is giving him head while he goes to work his 9 to 5 job. He ended his verse trying to call his adversary soft and told his opponent to tell the truth. He tried to imply that his opponent sucks penis for studio time. Memo then went in to rhyme and told J Rukus he was St Catherine's number one hero. He was lyrical and messed up with 5 seconds remaining. J Rukus won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

J Rukus then went in to rhyme in the second round and said that Memo thinks his crew is balling but he stays inbounds. He claimed to have taken his oppositions girl and claimed to be ripping on her nylons. He accused his opponent of having a small penis and claimed to be crazy and bringing the pain. He claimed when he comes through cats would tuck in his chain. Memo then went into rhyme and seemed to be trying to call J Rukus a fagot. He was't saying anything special but it seemed he got stopped before he could and even get a chance to finish it's kind of good that he did he starting to scare me with his homo raps. J Rukus won this round of the rap cypher.

In the the third round of th rhyme battle J Rukus went in to this round of the lyrical freestyle saying that his Memo thinks he is the best but he'd die like the rest. He tried t accuse his opposition of being a cross dresser and tried to imply that his opposition is only bold when he smokes rock. He claimed that he cold tell his adversary was pussy by the way he runs his gums and called him a studio gangster. Memo went into this claiming to be a poet and said that he tries to spit slow for J Rukus to understand. He said anything again and didn't make much sense again. J Rukus won this round of the lyrical match in my opinion.

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