Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rap Battle TV: Jay Kastro vs. PoRICH (Freestyle Battle)

Jay Kastro started the freestyle cypher first and claimed that his brain is packed with Thesaurus speech. He said that he would put his gun to PoRICH and leave his teeth looking like the battle rapper Organik. He tried to imply that his opposition tries to call him on the phone. PoRICH then went into freestyle and told Jay Kastro well done. He claimed that his opponent was a little geek and claimed he would sun him. He claimed that his flow is bananas and claimed his adversary's is unappealing. In my opinion they both were equally hitting as hard but PoRICH was smoother so i'd have to give him the win.

In the second round of the freestyle battle Jay Kastro countered what PoRICH last said and implied that his win against Arcane. He claimed that he would beat his adversary far beneath the sand and claimed to be gonna have sex with his girl once the match is over. PoRICH then jumped in claiming to out do clowns and got super lyrical on his opponent. He accused his rival of rocking Tommy Hilfiger and brought up the fact that Jay Kastro was rocking sandals. PoRICH won this round of the freesyle in my opinion.

In the third round of the freestyle match Jay Kastro went in to spit his freestyle battle raps and claimed to rhyme the best flows. He said that someone better go to the store and get PoRICH some mints. He claimed that he would hit his adversary with a left blow and claimed to be a dope rapper. He claimed to have banged his oppositions girl friend again and accused him of going to Jack Shitt for rap tips. PoRICH then went into rhyme and said sorry and he didn't mean to hate Jay Kastro but claimed to make more money. He switched up his flow this round and ended by saying that hs rival was probably a fan of Cannibus. This round of the cypher was a tie

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