Sunday, September 5, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Lariken Vs Planz

Planz started this rhyme battle claiming that he wasn't really into following trends and claimed that the scene thinks Lariken is a fagot. He said that his adversary dumb and broke. He also had fat jokes his oppositions girl Lariken started his verse in the cypher telling Planz to keep his misses name out of his rhymes and accused his adversary of spitting his lightest raps hoping for decency. He seemed to be suggesting that the guy was a chauvinist pig and accused his opposition of being poor. He was lyrical towards the end of his rap bar. This round of the lyricist battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical cypher Planz went in and said that he called this battle the Price Is Right. He said that Lariken thinks he's hardcore but is the first to run to the cops and called him dumb. He called his adversary's face is a disgrace. He cursed at his opposition and accused him of not having a crew Lariken told Planz that he needs to plan an ambulance when battling him. He said that he would slice his head and called him a bitch. He finished off with some lyrical bars. Lariken won this round in my opinion.

Planz then went into this round of the rhyme battle and spit about adding Myspace people. He claimed that Lariken had a whole different meaning for pushing your stool in. He said hat his adversary is in bread. He accused his Planz father of watching his penis grow. Lariken then went into rhyme and called him a meth head. He called his opposition raps weaker than his and claimed that his adversary's mother has a huge cunt has. He claimed that he could smell male genitals in his adversary's breath. In my opinion this round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the cypher Lariken started it off and wasn't modest to call himself the best to rhyme with speech. He said screw plan B and accused Planz of using enough needles to call him hepatitis B. He accused his adversary's bestmate of being a red head. he tried ti say that his adversary lives in a rapist town. He continued to imply that his rival was heavily involved with drug use. Planz went into rhyme and said that Lariken and countered him for finishing his rhymes for him . He had a quick slip up th messed him up. Lariken won this round of the tournament.

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