Sunday, September 5, 2010

KOTD - PR2B8 R1 - Bartone vs Desi Soulja

Bartone started the freestyle battle first claiming to hit the hardest and called Desi Soulja just a target. He said that his opponent would lose to Po rich. Desi Soulja then went in to freestyle cursing at Bartone and talking about his jersey. He thought the crowd wasn't feeling his challenger and and though that he had the win. In my opinion this round of her freestyle was a tie in my opinion.

Bartone then went in to to rhyme and called Desi Soulja a chaos queen and claimed that he never made the team. He threatened to leave his adversary sliced for days with live grenades with a lyrical flow and called his rap style dead. He said that his eye brows are screaming Dizaster. He ended with a racist cultural comment. Desi Soulja then went in to spit and claiming that Bartone can't flow and claiming that the crowd doesn't even like him. He asked his challenger why he even tries and waved at his girl. He brought up last years tournament like maybe he beat him on it or something. Bartone won this round of the freestyle cypher in my opinion.

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