Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES QF - Gizmo/Prince Kong Vs Silvertounge/Mr

Silvertounge started the rhyme battle for his team first claiming that Gizmo is a clang on and told Prince Kong that he could never be king. Mr Mackenzie referred to his opposition as Norman Bates and said the only thing worth digging is his oppositions grave. Both rappers on this team said there ending together. Prince Kong started his verse for his team in round 1 and said the Scottish have funny habits such as wearing skirts and Gizmo jumped in and tried to say that Silvertounge likes his cock in a dude. Prince Kong told his challenger that they already lost the battle and the money that it took to get there. Gizmo ended his round talking about throwing his adversaries grand mothers off the bus. In my opinion this rap clash was a tie because it was too hard to tell.

Mr Mackenzie started the second round of this rap cypher and said to Eurgh that he said there were no strings attached. He claimed that Gizmo thought he was extra hardcore and Silvertounge then went in and seemed to be mocking Prince Kong and added stage props to his performance. He seemed to be trying to accuse his opponents of practicing incest within there family because I guess that they are related. Prince Kong started his verse for his crew and seemed to be trying to imply that his adversary uses drugs and Gizmo jumped in and dropped an ill syllabic. He brought up Mel Gibson because I guess he's Scottish and In my opinion Gizmo won this round of the cypher

In the third round of the rap cypher Mr Mackenzie went first for his team again and claimed that he didn't need trouble so he keeps it humble. Silvertounge seemed to have called Prince Kong a fart smeller and made fun of his mother. Both members of the team spent the last part of there verse defining just who Tommy D is. Gizmo went in during this round of the rhyme battle for his team claiming to have google'd Mr Mackenzie then Prince Kong claimed that he kissed a guy. I'm mad that Gizmo was actually able to show a picture of one of his opponents kissing a guy wow how do you come back from that, that's sick. Prince Kong ended by calling his two adversary's fags and Gizmo said something about his oppositions having a dead mother. In my opinion Gizmo and Prince Kong won this round of the rap clash.

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