Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Baron Mynd Vs Jaws

Baron Mynd started the rap cypher first and told Jaws that he doesn't like him first off. He said that his opponent should stop rapping and go back to his mother. He claimed that there wasn't much to address about his opposition and told him to quit with the lies. He referred to his adversary as being little Miss Richie Rich. Jaws went in to rap spitting his syllabic lyrical verse and accused Baron Mynd of rapping like wannabe Eminem. He told his challenger to kiss his ass and accused him spitting rounds of dead trash. In my opinion both of these emcees had solid performances but I'm leaning more towards Jaws as being the winner.

Baron Mynd went into round two of the rap battle and said that Jaws and he called him an obnoxious and rude loser. He claimed that he wasn't in the mood to hear his opponent rap and said that it looks like he weighs less than the CD he dropped. Jaws then went in to rhyme and accused Baron Mynd of spitting non-sense in another country. He said that his opponent must have lost his mind and said he must have lost his mind. He said he is nineteen because he was trying to imply that his opponent was too old to spit. I think Jaws won this round of the cypher by a little bit more.

In the third round of the rap cypher Baron Mynd went into rhyme calling Jaws a homo. He claimed that his adversary is a little dwarf. He called his opposition Junior and a freaking loser. He tried to say than his city is cooler than his opponents. Jaws then went into spit his rap verse and said Baron Mynd's bars couldn't beat him. He finished off his lyrical verse without any mistakes and was pretty tight. Jaws won this round of the cypher in my opinion.


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