Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Nfact vs Yadi Supreme (rematch)

Nfact went in to this rap battle pretty confident that he would body bag Yadi Supreme because he already beat him before, He claimed that it would ust even the scre if he got beat this time so I would say that he wasn't worried at all if I had to be the judge. He claimed that his rivals spitting is fake every day. He calledhis adversary The Scorpion King. Yadi Supreme said that Nfact would practice incest with his mother and sister then catch a case of itchy balls. He called his opposition fake and accused his face of getting misty. He compared his adversary to raw chicken. Yadi Supreme won this round of the rap cypher.

Nfact went int this round of the match calling Yadi Supreme a soar loser and claimed to be a mid west monster. He said that the division needs a champ. He said that his rival can't rep Illinois and his home town is a genie lamp. He said that he was from Kentucky and continued to make gypsy jokes about his adversary. He ended his verse bringing up his last battle. Yadi Supreme went in this round of the rhyme battle saying that Nfact is too goofy and frail to be from Louisville. Yadi Supreme won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round Nfact told a story about how he messes with Yadi Supreme's wife and claimed to be a pro vet. He said that it's his third round and he didn't use a terrorist joke's during this battle. He said that it was impossible for his opposition to be ignoring him. Yadi Supreme went into this round rapping about how he was such an old school mc and how he has been at it for a minute. He seemed to say that he grew up a statistic. His rap flow was thorough. Yadi Supreme won this round of the rap clash

In the fourth round of the rap battle Yadi Supreme started rhyming and asked him not to post things on with his name in it. He sad that he would never do a two on two with him and accused Nfact of lacking a whole vibe. He said that if his opponent was Mos Def his album would be whack on both sides. He tried to call his challenger a style stealing digital pirate. Nfact went into this round talking about his last battle with Yadi Supreme. He told his opposition to stop crying and to wipe his eye. Yadi Supreme won this round of the rap clash.

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