Thursday, September 2, 2010

Magic Convention AHAT Rap Battle: Doms vs Franchise

Doms started the rap battle claiming to have found out that Franchise is a bum and said that it was fun now. He was extremely lyrical in this round of the rhyme battle I would have to say. He said that his adversary was a bum and claimed that he could be seen sitting down on a curve. He claimed that he wouldn't give his opponent any type of money if he seen him in need of it and accused him of needing a bar of soap. He claimed that his adversary was about to get clowned by a youngster and asked him how it feels to know that his meals come out of a dumpster. He accused his rival of being a man whore in need of money and ended claiming that he would burn down his adversary's cardboard box that he sleeps in. Franchise then went into defend against Doms and started of by calling this grown mans business and said lets get it damn straight while calling himself damn great. He compared his adversary to an ass trey. His delivery was entertaining more so due to the fact that it was funny if anything peep how his head keeps spinning like the exorcist movie. He accused his rival of being a abstinent teenager that's fascinated with masturbation. He claimed to be getting girls on a national scale while his opposition didn't even make it to second base. He mentioned the fact that his adversary is with Gauge family. He fumbled a bit while he was spitting. Doms I guess i can assume Kid Doms is his former name won the first round of this freestyle rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the the rap clash Doms went into rhyme and said Franchise wanted to show him some music and claimed to have been knocing it hard then accused him of blasting Justin Bieber. He said that his oppnent isn't clutching guns and grabbing heat and called him frail. His lyrical skills were bombarding his opposition and he even made comments about his adversary's girl. He threatened to crush his competitors Adams apple into apple sauce and claimed to be better at everything. His flow was thorough. Franchise went into the cypher freestyle rapping saying anything but his flow wasn't all that hot. He accused Doms of masturbating and listening to Justin Bieber and claimed he would shoot at his challenger with his Ne-Na. Kid Doms won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Doms told Franchise to go ahead and try to say something about his hair and wished bad things on his opposition. He said that when he finishes rapping his adversary would go home crying and be angry. He accused his adversary of having a boy friend and implying that the two hope to get married someday. He accused his opponent of liking to listen to Katie Perry and said his rival snitches to cops. He said he would put his opposition in a box like a Barbie. Franchise went into the cypher going sick he was funny as fuck my favorite line was when he said that Doms would get scared just fro watching Ike slap Tina Turner. He continued to spin his head around like Emily Rose. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie because I totally fed off the energy of both there verses and got hyped up.

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