Monday, September 6, 2010

WHEN ANIMALZ ATTACK : Hindu Rock. vs Yesh

Hindu Rock told a story about how he came to rap against Yesh in this cypher and seemed to have thought it was a joke. He said that he seen his adversary's last battle and said that him doing Paranormal activity. He claimed to like girls with large thighs and said that his opponent is an actual Hindu guy that looks like a rich bitch. He told everyone to join him while he waves his opponent bye. He said something about MTV not writing checks for his opponent rapping and seemed to refer to him self as being a sand nigga. Yesh then went into emcee and said that his opposition had an awesome name. He asked his adversary about bomb planes or charm snakes. He had a funny performance and said he went to Florida to bitch slap his poppa for no reason. He called his adversary a wanna be King Kong and called him a terrorist for dropping the N bomb and accused him of being an over protective husband as well as a strict parent. I think Yesh won this round of the rap cypher by a little bit more.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Hindu Rock accused Yesh of being to attracted to the taste of White Castle. He referred to his adversary as being his shadow. He said that he isn't scared of his opposition who he referred to as being a fagot and said he didn't want this be a Hindu hate rap. He said that when his K blasts surgery wouldn't be able to staple his rivals face back. He tried to imply that his opponent is a retard. Yesh then started to spit and tried to imply that Hindu Rock is a ugly geek and called him an undercover priest. He claimed that the world would be a better place if his challenger didn't rap and called him a stepping stone. He showed how thorough his flow was towards the end of his rap verse. I think this round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

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