Tuesday, September 7, 2010


J. GEANS said that SKIP JONES first battle was with Kid and brought up the fact that he got into an altercation with his last opponent. He tried to imply that his opponent was a punk for letting them skate on him and spit about how his rival said something about Obama with the his gun. He speeded up his rap delivery towards the end of his verse. SKIP JONES then went in to rhyme and compared J. GEANS to an action figure and called him a lame that is trying to get his name up. He seemed to be calling his opponent by what seemed to be his real name Cory Valentine and spit about robbing his adversary as well. He called his opposition shorter than a hobbit. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle J. GEANS said that SKIP JONES whole team is starving. He made a metaphor about his own music and accused him of jocking swags. He compared his adversary to Johny Cage and compared himself to Scorpion. He talked about tossing grenades at J. GEANS house. SKIP JONES then went in to spit his rap verse and called his opponent another name on the venue. He claimed that Butter and Black Rain went through his opponent. He compared his guns to mechanical pencils and told his adversary to call it and episode of Moesha. He compared him and his opponent to a to dogs. He tried to call his opposition a skinny dipper. In my opinion this round of the rap clash was a tie.

In the third round J. GEANS called SKIP JONES broke and the dirtiest nigga in the battle league. He claimed that he himself rapes instrumentals and said he wakes up to hot bars. He said that he had sex with his adversary's girl and brought up the gwop boys. SKIP JONES started his verse and said it's the third round and said that J. GEANS is a cross dresser. He said that he would smoke his challenger like he had cataracts and claimed to be with his girl. He said that his adversary wouldn't be smart if he was in Yale. J. GEANS



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