Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOTD - Title Match - TheSaurus vs Arcane

Arcane went into this rap battle first and seemed to have done done a background check on TheSaurus. He told a story that implied his adversary payed cash for his punchlines because he didn't have any of his own at the time and claimed that his rival wouldn't be anything without the help of a Canadian. He calles his adversary a loser. He said that his adversary lost at the Red bull competition to NoCanDo and tried to call him a pedophile who couldn't get laid from an underage girl. TheSaurus said that Arcane's verse was dope and claimed that he said things that were not even true. He tried to imply that his challenger doesn't get laid and said that as far back as March is when he started writing for the winner of the Championship. He implied that he had to get revenge for Loe Pesci aka The King of The Dot heads. He tried to imply that his opposition doesn't deserve to go up against him. He signed with a slick comment bragging about his Canadian fiancée. In my opinion this round of the rap battle was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Arcane jumped in asking TheSaurus if he was done spitting his boring lines and claimed to be sick of hearing his adversary's corny rhymes. He accused his opposition of looking like he was forty nine and gave his apology's to Charron's fans and followers. He accused his adversary of stalking teens in middle school parking lots in unmarked vans and having the face of the Marlboro man. He said that his opposition of trying to get himself a show business agent and accused him of having too many snack then made fat jokes about him. He called his adversary of being Steven Segal. TheSaurus went into the rap cypher countering Arcane saying that he does like to gamble high stakes. He accused his challenger of trying to do Canibus impression that wasn't real and called him a fagot and a racist. He tried to imply that his opponent is a pretty old dude and said that's why they call his battles the battle of the ages. Arcane won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the third round of this rap battle Arcane brought up TheSaurus's battle against Hollohan and continued to make points about his rival was born in Torronto. He said that his opposition probably likes black cocks and had more face jokes. he called his rival is greasy and him he was there to take the chain off of his adversary's greasy neck. He said that his opponent isn't an Oakland Raider and he made the best point that I would say of the whole match when he said that his adversary was just like the typical american and 9/11. TheSaurus went in calling Arcane's bars boring. He claimed that his adversary was battling him just to have a story to tell his grand kids. He brought up Skelly, Dirt, Dizzaster, and Avocado, I guess he was trying to imply that they were family to him. He said sick sadistic things like sticking pointy objects through him. He claimed that the title belonged to him and he wouldn't let anyone take it.

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