Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOTD - PR2B8 R1 - Knamelis vs Raw Blow (Freestyle Battle)

Raw Blow seemed to have went first in this MC battle with a sloppy ass flow and really didn't have much of any thing good to say, he also stuttered. He said that Knamelis was a sorry excuse to him but he took to long to get the rhyme out. He claimed to have fire and threatened to take his adversary's brain out. He compaed his adversary to Kid Twist as well. Knamelis then went in to rap and claimed when he found out who he was battling he was happy. He told Organik thank you for giving him an Mc in the bottom tier. He brought up Tupac and Suge Knight as well. Knamelis won this round of the MC tournament in my opinion.

In the second round of the Freestyle battle Raw Blow went in to rhyme and said that Knamelis is tasteless. He claimed the he would leave his opposition seeing stars and tried to say that the judges are against him and closer to his opponent. Knamelis went in to say that the judges only like him because his skill and no alterior motive. He referred to Raw Blow's girl as being used up in his own words damaged goods. Knamelis won this freestyle battle without a doubt.

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