Thursday, September 2, 2010

KOTD - PR2B8 R1 - Myselph vs Oz

Oz went in to the MC battle claiming that he gets high for days and said that he was so high he'd probably fall off the stage. He started making funny metaphors about Myselph. He made fun of his rival's skin tone as well. Myselph then went into rap and asked Oz if he was a battle rapper. He accused his opposition of having a huge vagina. He said that he would leave his adversary's crew in a box. I'd have to give this round of the MC battle to Oz because i could barely make out what he was saying but it seemed like he didn't really have a point to make he was funny though.

In the second round of the MC cypher Oz called Myselph a pot head and said that his option was to kick his ass off the stage. Myselph went into the freestyle dissing Oz's shoes and told him that he didn't dis him yet. Myselph won this round of the freestyle tournament.

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