Monday, September 6, 2010

Eddy Pops Vs Disciple

Disciple went up to spit first and accused Eddy Pops of tasting cocks. He tried to call his opposition insecure and claimed that he himself had flows for days He called himself a clone and called the battle humiliation. Eddy Pops told Disciple that he didn't hear the crowd yell once. He brought up the fact that he is American but his flow sucked he sounded sarcastic as hell. Disciple won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the match Disciple went in to rhyme and cursed at Eddy Pops. He said that he would smack his opposition back to the USA and California. Eddy Pops told Disciple that he should go back to where he came from and tell his friends that he ain't coming back again. Disciple won this round of the mc cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the freestyle clash Disciple went in to rhyme and called Eddy Pops a fagot that bores him. He said he would put his opposition in his place and said that he was real with the flow. Eddy Pops went in to call Disciple a piece of shit who doesn't even have 2 feet to stand on. He said something about being from liver pool as well. He did a little bit better this round but still I would say that Eddy Pops won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

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