Friday, September 3, 2010

WeGoHardTv - Rap Battle ( Zeph Vs Young Spade )

Zeph started the rhyme battle first claiming that before he started Young Spade would need him to lose. He claimed that his adversary probably considers him a freshmen and said that there is no stress. He claimed that his connect is his best man and said that his opponent did't want to go against him and probably wanted to meet him in person. He said that his rival probably spent weeks rehearsing as well and claimed that he didn't hardly come outside. He brought up the fact that he's a New York nigga as well. Young Spade then went in to spit his raps and cursed at Zeph's life and warned him of what would happen if his opposition stepped in his square. He said he would give him more rounds than a hula hoop and said that he would give him the beats but no fruity loops. His delivery was more thorough. He claimed that his challenger doesn't have guns. I wasn't feeling his ending though. Zeph won the first round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the match up Zeph went in against Young Spade into the cypher spitting hard and claimed to be raised in the jungle. He said that he's from a hood where snitching isn't allowed and disrespect will cause you to have to fight. He tried to say that his opponents hood doesn't have real gangsters in it. He then messed up an forfeited his verse. Young Spadethen went into rhyme and claimed that Zeph invites nigga's to keep his anal loose. He compared how he'd leave his adversary to fat girl in a bathing suit and called him self crazy. He claimed that his mob deep but he wasn't talking about Prodigy. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Zeph went in calling Young Spade trash off the rip. He called himself the chosen one. He said that he is the best around and said that his adversary's crew isn't hanging and banging. He said Hi hater and said that his adversary ain't a real g. He claimed that his homeboys run marathons. Young Spade then went in to spit against Zeph and claimed to be a monster. He called himself sick and said a&r's be trying to get in touch with him. He compared his team to new born babies and his bars to a drunk driver. He claimed that he would be haunting his challenger and it was thorough how he managed to say no shit so smoothly when his opponent was finishing his rhymes This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion

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