Saturday, September 4, 2010

Texas Battle League: Chronyc vs Enygma

Enygma started he rap battle assuming that Chronyc didn't now what he was up against and tried to imply that he can fight pretty damn good. He claimed to be a soldier and called his opponent a bitch. He claimed he would leave his adversary to dripping a lot of blood. He claimed that he would run his opposition and compared it to a spades and aces game. The first thing that Chronyc said to Enygma was an accusation that he wasn't real and said that he knows he never heard of him. he claimed to be cool with him lyrically but not physically. He said that his words hit harder than a shoot gun blast. His lyrical skills were thorough and so was his punchlines Chronyc won this round of the rhyme battle in opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical match Enygma started off making jokes about Chronyc's name. He threatened to slap his adversary hard enough to catch whip lash and told him that he should have never came from Boston to Texas. He claimed after the cypher him and his peoples would be robbing him. Chronyc went into the lyrical battle claiming that he screws ho's and bragged about how he was from the home of the Red Sox. He made nasty comments about his Enygmay's wife and claimed to bust nuts on her face. Chronyc won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion, he just out shined his challenger with his in your face stage presents.

In the third round of the competition Enygma went in and said he wanted to give Chronyc the first few rounds out of charity. He might as well had through the match. He tried to imply that being a battle rapper wasn't for his opponent and claimed to have never heard a track with him spitting hot lyrics. He claimed that his adversary works in fast food. Chronyc then went into this lyrical match and claimed his Enygma's name is WOODY WOOD SIDE. He then proceeded to make homo jokes and said he gets head from his wife. He messed up a few times then started to freestyle. Enygma won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

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