Friday, September 3, 2010

Street Arena.TV: Magic-vs-Majorlead (streetarena vs Headshots)

Magic went into rap first and said told Majorlead he better talk right an said that he was about the money. He gave a shot out to everyone on the street hustling and said he's about to take his city over. he said that he governs his streets and claimed that his opponent stole from him. He compared his rap bars to triangles and said that he has to rhyme. He said that he has to be the best at what he does and had a clever ass ending. Majorlead then went into rap against Magic and said that at first he was feeling what the guy said. He made references to tv shows and said that he is the type to stalk people. He said that he would but his challenger and claimed that he makes him sick. He called his opposition father a crack fiend. Majorlead won this round of the rhyme battle by a tad bit more.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Magic anxiously jumped in and said that he tells the camera he relishes past dudes because he gets money. He claimed to be animated and said he himself is out of control. He said that he is the perfect MC. He claimed that he keeps the Oz's. He brought up history. He ended his raps saying he had grown man bars. Majorlead then went in claiming that he was gonna give his Magic a big ass whipping. He said that he'd put a red dot on his opposition and called him the record button. He claimed to on be on his job and said he went up in his challengers house and screwed his mother. He tried to imply that his adversary is a good boy and even made fun of his grand father. He claimed to be fat and ugly and still gets girls. He claims to drink a lot of liquor and look at ugly chicks. Majorlead also took this round of the rhyme battle by a little bit more in my opinion.


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